Virginia Resources

The Library of Virginia

Under the authority of the Virginia Public Records Act, the Records Analysis Section of LVA assists state and local government in ensuring that public records are maintained and available throughout their life cycle.

Virginia Public Records Act

The General Assembly intended the VPRA to establish a single body of law applicable to all public officers and employees on the subject of public records management and preservation and to ensure that the procedures used to manage and preserve public records will be uniform throughout the Commonwealth.

Virginia Coalition for Open Government

VCOG is a nonprofit alliance that is formed to promote expanded access to government records, meetings and other proceedings at the state and local level. 

Code of Virginia

The code of Virginia is the statutory law of Virginia, and consists of the codified legislation of the Virginia General Assembly.

Virginia Administrative Code

The Virginia Administrative Code contains the permanent regulations for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Regulations have the force of law and are written and administered by state agencies as authorized by the General Assembly.

Virginia Freedom of Information Act

The act ensures citizen access, with certain exceptions, to records and meetings of state and local government. FOIA encourages cooperation between citizens and government representatives, and it voids local government ordinances that conflict with the provisions.

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