Connis O. Brown Scholarship

Established in memory of the Library of Virginia’s first Local Records Program Manager, the Connis O. Brown Scholarship provides funding for a member who lacks employer financial support to attend the annual conference.A man climbs over a fallen shelf of records.

The scholarship covers conference registration and up to a two-night stay at the conference hotel. The scholarship does not cover any other expenses, including the recipient's travel costs. The scholarship is non-transferable.


To be eligible for the scholarship, the applicant must:

  • be a current member as of April 1,
  • demonstrate a lack of organizational financial support to attend the conference,
  • be a full-time employee with affiliation in the records field, e.g. archives, records management, or information systems, and
  • demonstrate an avid interest in a career in one of those fields.

Those who received an award within the past two years are not eligible.

Selection Criteria 

The Scholarship Committee looks for candidate(s) who demonstrate an eagerness to learn and plan to apply the skills and knowledge gained by attending the conference to support their career and their organization. The committee encourages those who are new to the records fields to apply.

Expectations of Recipients

Recipients must maintain their membership throughout the year in which they are awarded the scholarship.

Recipients will be asked to consider being recognized at the conference.


After completing the application, the confirmation page that appears will include instructions for submitting a statement of support from the applicant's supervisor. The supervisor must confirm that their organization can't/won't pay for the conference registration or hotel, but that the applicant will be given approval to attend as a part of their job if awarded the scholarship.

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