Honorary Members


To be considered for honorary membership, a nominee must have been active in the organization and on the executive board, be retired from their respective organization, and be a recipient of the Outstanding Member Award. An honorary member enjoys all the rights and privileges of a member but is not subject to annual dues. 

Any member in good standing may nominate a candidate for honorary membership. The executive board will form a committee, chaired by the past president and comprised of two additional past presidents, to review the nomination and make a motion to the board. The nomination must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the executive board.

Honorary Members

For their commitment and dedication to both the association and records management and archives throughout the Commonwealth, the board recognizes the following individuals as honorary members.

Robert (Bob) Friedman, City of Alexandria (1993)+*

Russell E. Sheehan, Henrico County (1996)+*

Lettie E. Neher, Albemarle County (1998)+

George A. Hruneni, Fairfax County (2002)+*

Richard (Dick) Harrington, Library of Virginia (2002)+

Donald L. Clark, Chesterfield County (2003)

Ann O. Winsted, Fairfax County Public Schools (2004)

John P. Krista, City of Roanoke (2006)

Bernice (Bea) Berry, City of Newport News (2008)+*

Patricia (Pat) F. Noble, Chesterfield County (2009)

Joanne Smith, Department of Medical Assistance Services (2012)

Nancy Tyler, Fairfax County Public Schools (2023)

+founding member, *deceased

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